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Jack Was Here

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Who was Here? Jack was here…

Photo: Jack Kerouac in Denver

Jack Was Here


At least, that’s the idea behind a Tumblr I came across this weekend. It’s simple: Literary street thugs subtlely remind this town that there have been some great minds once making home in this town of ours.

Armed with a stencil, cans of spray paint, and a list of locations mentioned in Jack Kerouac’s writing, the team behind Jack Was Here tag the locations – or what is left of them – which Jack frequented or wrote about.

Jack Kerouac at the Rossonian Hotel

Find Jack: Rossonian Hotel on 27th and Welton

Jack at the Rossonian

Jack Kerouac at the Rossonian

Among the locations: Old Eliches, City Park, The Coleburn Hotel, and Lakeside Amusement Park.

You can keep up with these bookish-vandals on their Tumblr Blog: Jack Was Here

Jack Kerouac at the Colburn Hotel

Jack Kerouac at the Colburn Hotel on 9th and Grant

All photos courtesy of Jack Was Here.

This photo was submitted by DTPennington

A motherfucker materializing from seemingly nowhere, D.T. Pennington might be the most hated man in show business. Then again, he might not. Few people are proud of what he is using his college education for. And no, for the last time, he will not hold your place in the breadline.

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  1. Posted June 25, 2012 at 5:59 am

    Near Colfax: “Down in Denver, Down in Denver all I did was die.” https://twitter.com/EvaLusek/status/217224799267733504/photo/1/large

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