Dinar: Denver Street Art

Why wouldn’t I paint?

Dinar: Space Box

With the ever-growing popularity of street art the attitude of many writers has changed from humble and secretive night owls painting for the love of the game, to pompous and self-seeking ‘artists’ hopping on the bandwagon of what has become the popular medium of the decade. After having painted for a few years now and meeting many artists that fall between those two extremes it’s very refreshing to run into someone that exemplifies the mystique of the original graffiti writer, who when asked ‘Why keep painting?’ looked at me and said ‘What else would I do? This is my life.’ DINAR has been taking the streets by storm heavily and has no intention of stopping now. “It’s everything in my life, I feel like a piece of shit if I forget my stickers when I leave the house.” The humility behind that attitude was astonishing to me; there truly can be exceptions to my disillusion behind what has become of the street art scene.

Dinar: Alleyway MuralBorn and raised in Colorado, DINAR studied Art History in college with the intention to become a teacher. He studied the Modernists, the Impressionists, and finally said ‘I’ve seen the movement that led up to graffiti and how this is the new rebel art, and that’s some above shit.’ His name is born from the middle eastern currency. His character is unique and wild and is derived from a obscured frog, it many times will be without a tag or signature directly connected but there is no doubt it is a DINAR. “The character is what I do… and as I come up with new lines and forms I try and evolve it every single day.”

Dinar: Rooftop bombWe got to talking about who inspires him, and the names in the scene he sees coming up the realest, and to my surprise it wasn’t anything generic, no Banksy or Shep but instead guys like Katsu, Neckface, Snacki, Hael, MQ, Swampy and Mecro. The list goes on.. On Banksy DINAR remarks “Man that dude is like the Michael Jordan of Graffiti.”

Osama got smoked like salmonToday DINAR spends his time with the biggest names in the local scene painting his characters, bombing his iconic tag, and throwing up stickers. If you see something from guys like Fever, Pulp, Bozoe, Endr, Efit, Daze, 2much… he is inevitably close by. He also is helping raise his daughter who recognizes his characters while walking down the street and will point saying ‘daddy!’

There has never been a time like now to strike on the iron of the graffiti explosion, if you want to make money as a writer the time is now, but during these times of the ‘Mr. Brainwash’ archetypal artists DINAR stands out with a few other purists.. doing it simply for the love of the art. (To those seeking fame and fortune) “You’re doing this for the investment bro… this is what I’m doing, but it’s what I am (and) you can’t stop me now.”

Dinar Shack Mural

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